I’m always looking for sustainable raw materials that respect the environment and our health. I use yarns processed in Italy from companies whose research and technological innovations have made it possible to improve the environmental impact, the reduction of energy consumption, the CO2 emissions and the elimination of the manufacturing processes of substances harmful to humans.


Our garments are entirely made in Italy together with selected collaborators with great manual skills and over thirty years of experience. It is a work of patience and passion where the packaging is performed with the rimaglio technique and hand finishing. Every single garment is treated and checked down to the smallest detail, because it is those that make the difference. This is the only way to achieve maximum quality.


Who wears Arietti Camilla must perceive the emotion of the garment, which has been designed, created and created only for you. Having it on you will make you feel good and adequate in every occasion. They are garments of excellent quality and elegance, they never go out of style and with a few small tricks they will remain unchanged over time, so that they can be used forever. Anyone who wears an Arietti Camilla garment must be driven by the desire to have it, not by the need to buy it.